"Jennifer Reviewed Our Situation And Gave Us Many Options"I originally had heard about Jennifer’s office when I was a student at Conestoga College. I had been given her information by the international office as someone to check out if I ever needed assistance with immigration. At the time, I just filed it away because I didn’t need it yet.

Fast forward some years later and my family and I had run into some issues with our immigration file. We had hired another representative to assist us with our file but as time went on we lost confidence in their ability to assist us. We received a letter from immigration asking us to respond to some concerns they had and we no longer trusted our previous representative to handle the issue. We decided to schedule an appointment to get Jennifer’s advice on the matter.

During our first meeting Jennifer reviewed our situation and gave us many options to handle the situation. Although she explained them all to us thoroughly, we didn’t want our old representative to handle it, nor did we want to do it ourselves. We decided to hire Jennifer’s services.

Jennifer’s office was great – they finished the response to IRCC within our fast approaching deadline. Jennifer thoroughly reviewed our other files and she and her team were able to quickly assemble a detailed and thorough response. Throughout the whole process they were very clear about what steps they were taking and we had confidence that it would be handled well. Plus, she speaks Korean which was a huge bonus for us.

We would recommend Jennifer to those that need immigration assistance, especially if you need someone who speaks Korean. She is very professional and has lots of experience.

We are so happy to have received our CoPR documents and to have finally landed as permanent residents.

Thank you Jennifer!

Francis and Misook