Our interactions with Jennifer and her staff were very smooth and they made a very bureaucratic process Bureaucracyvery pleasant.  They were responsive to our concerns or questions and got back to us very quickly, typically within 24 hours.  There were a few hiccups in our file and one of the things we appreciated most was the communication from Jennifer and her team during what would have otherwise been very hectic moments.  They were always able to match the type of communication needed to the information they had to tell us.  If it was something that we were going to have a lot of questions about, they would speak with us in person, if it was great news, like telling Anna that I could become a permanent resident, they shared the joy with us over the phone.  We really appreciated those personal and thoughtful touches.  Even when there was a problem with our file, we never felt like it was ‘our problem’.  We felt taken care of and that the steps to solve the issue were already underway before we even knew about them. .. Joe & Anna