Starting January 2013, prospective IEC participants from 19 of the 32 countries eligible for the program must apply in two stages.  They must separate their IEC eligibility assessment application from their work permit application.

For these 19 countries the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) will accept the IEC eligibility assessment from prospective applicants. Once clients are conditionally accepted by DFAIT, applicants will be directed, in a Conditional Acceptance Letter from DFAIT, to submit their work permit application to CIC electronically using the online application process (e-Apps).

The Conditional Acceptance Letter will be valid for only six (6) months.  Once the letter expires they will no longer hold a place in their country’s quota of applicants.  Only during the validity of that letter can applicants then submit their work permit application to CIC or it will be refused because they are no longer approved for the program.

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