“No choice, No control – Not really”When I discuss options for my clients to come to Canada, temporarily or permanently, I often get replies like – “I have no choice!”

In light of COVID-19, the frequency of such replies are much higher and more intense. The reality is that we all have choices, but we do not always like the consequences of making those choices.

For example, coming to Canada to study is an excellent choice to establish yourself in Canada – first as a student, then as a worker, and finally a permanent resident as a skilled worker. However, in order to get to this point, you need to pay the high tuition fees initially and you have to study in English/French. If you want the consequences or desired outcome, then your choice is to study. However, if you do not wish to study at your stage of life, or you do not wish to invest in the high tuition, then this is not an option you can choose – therefore, you have got “no choice”.

During COVID-19 travel restrictions to Canada, I have spoken with many international couples about their desire to relocate to Canada. Again, I get a lot of “we have no choice” replies after discussing their options. The reality is that everyone wants a pathway with the best outcome and the least amount of interference in their life. Questions such as: Can I work while my application is in progress? Can I travel while waiting for the processing of my application?  Can I get health care benefits in Canada while I am waiting for my application to be processed? All of them are reasonable and understandable when you are relocating to a new country – you would even ask these questions if you are to relocate to another city within your own country! Instead of looking at the desired outcome, it is sometime easier to assess what are the challenging consequences as a result of choosing an option, instead.

In order to gain something, we need to let go of something. At the beginning of each new year, we tend to set up a number of new-year’s resolutions. At the beginning of your journey to Canada, especially in the time of COVID-19 challenges, I recommend everyone to assess what you are willing to give up in order to gain your desired outcome – your ultimate goal to obtain your wish to choose Canada as your new home.