If you like lobsters then it’s time!

The Atlantic Provinces have finally figured out how to bring more people into their provinces. We’re very excited to hear that there is a pilot program for provincial nominees in Atlantic Provinces; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Labrador and Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. However, there are only two thousand visas so there are not a lot of visas available, but this is for a three year period. So each year there will be two thousand visas available for an extra three years.

Atlantic Provincial NomineeThere are two major programs, one is for the international student and the second one is for the foreign worker. For the international student, the biggest advantage of this program is that you do not need work experience. If you go to school for two years at a college or university designated learning center then you can apply for this program. So compared too many of those other provincial nominee programs there is a huge advantage of not having the work experience in Canada. With respect to the foreign workers they have not announced what kind of employer they will designate. However, at the end of the day the foreign worker program will be driven by employers located in Atlantic Provinces.

So, back to the lobster because I do love lobster and if you like lobsters, if you love Anne of Green Gables and you want nothing but the big lake in Newfoundland than this is the time to apply.