GraduationTechnically, you may apply for your post graduate work permit (PGWP) within 6 months, instead of 3 months, after you complete your studies as of mid-February, 2019.

However, one of the conditions to apply for your PGWP is that you have a valid legal status in Canada. As a result, you must maintain your temporary resident status during such 6 months. If your study permit expires within such 6 months, you must apply before the expiry of your study permit. If you do not have your study permit, you must have a valid temporary resident visa (temporary resident status or a visitor’s status) in order for you to apply. Otherwise, you may have to apply for a restoration application – in other words, you have to ask IRCC to restore your status to a valid temporary resident status first and to apply for PGWP.

In addition, if your study permit is valid for more than six months, but you completed your study to get PGWP, then you must be aware that your study permit is deemed to be expired 90 days after you complete your study – you only have a temporary resident status (visitor) unless you register for a new school/semester.

IRCC provides additional time for international students to apply for their PGWP as a result of some difficulties with their school to provide an eligibility letter to graduate within the previous 90 days to apply for PGWP. Furthermore, as long as they do not apply for PGWP, they cannot work off-campus and they cannot account for their full-time work experience for the purpose of their permanent resident applications.

Therefore, we recommend all international students be mindful of all conditions to apply for PGWP and apply as soon as they are ready with all applicable information and documents, without waiting or delaying for the full six month period after their studies are completed.

For your specific situations, please contact our office for a full consultation, since this information is general information only.