As of December 2016 we’re very excited to hear that spousal application will go much faster. After a number of years under the Conservative government, there are stories about spouses awaiting 2 to 4 years to get to Canada. The announcement in December 2016 is that the entire spousal application will be done in 12 months!

Now when you ask for faster processing time you have to give in something called a checklist. So if you submit the application and you do not have everything on the checklist they will not give you any grace because they want to process it fast. Spousal Sponsorship Time & IssuesYou may notice that there are a number of applications that have actually been returned because they look at the checklist. So those checklists are supposed to be a recommended list but now it’s become more of a mandatory list. Therefore, before you file your spousal application be aware you have to have everything on there or you have to have a very detailed explanation right off the bat explaining why you do not have everything on the checklist.

Sounds terrible because a spouse relationship is not about a checklist, but unfortunately if you want your spouse as fast as possible then we have to comply with the some of the restrictive requirements which is a checklist. 

Before you finish your checklist why don’t you check with your lawyer.