One Big FamilyMy wife and I have been in Canada for almost nine years, and it has been a very long road towards our permanent residency. We first sought Jennifer’s help in 2016 as we were having problems with my wife’s LMIA application and were looking for help on getting back in status and being able to remain in the country. It was an uphill battle as there were many complications with our file and we were in over our heads.

We first found Jennifer on google and saw that she was one of the best lawyers in town. My wife, myself and our friend/employer came to the consultation and we liked the way she worked immediately. She was very straight up with us about the difficulty of our case but told us she thought we had an 80% chance for success. She told us she had faith that she could help us, but that ultimately we had to trust her. Talking with my wife and friend, we all agreed that we trusted her judgement and decided to hire her.

Jennifer and her team did an amazing job on our file and were polite and good people to work with. They were always available to help us with our questions and were always professional and honest about our file. We liked that although you deal with different people in the office at different times, that everyone has a handle on your file and you are well taken care of. They are extremely good at their jobs and always gave us clear directions that helped us reach our goals.

We would recommend Jennifer and her office to anyone looking for help, and of course, we already have! The team feels like part of one big family and we can tell that everyone we worked with was invested in our file with their whole hearts and celebrated each bit of good news along beside us.

We really appreciated how Jennifer would always give us the options or her plan along with her thoughts on its chance for success which helped us see exactly what we were up against. It was nice to see that all work was done with a specific purpose or goal in mind and wasn’t just an opportunity for them to collect our money.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the way things turned out and we can’t thank Jennifer and her team enough for all they’ve done for us. We are so happy to be permanent residents and we couldn’t have done it without Jennifer’s office.

Thank you all so much!

Milan and Miljana