Their Name Stands for SomethingI’m in a profession where I’ve specialized into what I’m best at doing. When it came time for my wife and children and I to make Canada our permanent home, I looked for someone who specialized in the area of immigration. I did a google search and the online reviews for Jennifer Roggemann were good. There was no way that we would be able to do this on our own and so we booked a consultation with Jennifer. She knew what she was talking about and gave us confidence that we had found our expert.

We made the right decision and I’d make it again. They were efficient with our time; they’d email or call as soon as they had any news for us. They were very knowledgeable and responded to our questions accurately and quickly. The value they provided for my family was that they provided a service I couldn’t have done myself. As a veterinarian, I appreciate that people call me when they’re in over their heads and need an expert. That’s what Jennifer is to Immigration law. We had a lot of border crossings with the US to keep track of and I’m glad they were there to help us sort out all the details. They made the process as efficient as possible.

If I were to recommend someone to go to Jennifer, I would tell them that they know what they’re doing. Their name stands for something and you can rely on them. Now that my wife and my older children and I are all permanent residents, we can get back to our living our lives here in Canada with my younger children who were fortunate to have this country as their own from birth.

My family and I want to thank Jennifer and her team for being the quality experts that you. From one specialist to another, thank you for being great in your field.

— Dr. Van