They Freed Me From Having to WorryI met my husband while we were both on vacation in the Caribbean and, after a couple of visits back and forth, we decided that it made sense for me to come to Canada to see if this was really going to be something lasting. I applied for a working holiday visa and came to Canada. We ended up deciding that we wanted to make things official and get married. I had grown to love not only Zack but Canada as well and wanted to call it home. We knew that my IEC visa wouldn’t be renewed and so we decided to do an In-Canada Spousal application so that I could keep working while we waited for my residency.

Neither Zack nor I wanted to do this process ourselves; it just wasn’t how we wanted to spend our time. We didn’t want to have to travel a lot to get to our lawyer and so we were glad to be able to work with Jennifer locally. It was expensive, but I expected that. Neither of us work for free so why should I expect my lawyer to? I didn’t want us to make a mistake in this process and that was the greatest value that Jennifer and her team provided – they freed me from having to worry about forgetting something, missing a deadline etc. They responded mostly in person because that was what worked for us.

Everyone at the office was great and honestly, once the application was filed and I received my work permit, we didn’t have a lot of communication. That was ok with us because we knew that if there was a problem, they would let us know. We trusted that things were good because we didn’t hear otherwise.

When they called to let me know that I had been scheduled for a landing date at the end of the week, I was so excited. It didn’t matter what else was happening in our lives, it could be re-arranged. My residency was the most important. I’m now a permanent resident here and Zack and I are looking forward to visiting my family in Germany as soon as my PR card comes in the mail.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your work for us.

— Christina & Zack