They Made It Straight ForwardI was referred to Jennifer by my financial advisor. I was in a difficult situation in that I was working with a Canadian business partner and we needed to figure out if there was a way for me to become a permanent resident using my experience with my business. He told me that Jennifer was straightforward and to the point and would honestly tell me if I had a chance.

My business partner and I went to Jennifer for a consultation and laid out our situation. She was very honest and said that my chances were close to zero. I’d gone to another firm and they gave me some generic options that didn’t sound like they suited my situation. Jennifer outlined what she thought of a long shot option but it seemed to make sense. I realized I was more comfortable with the honest answer that this probably won’t work than those who gave me false hope. She was able to see clearly without all the emotion that was clouding my judgement. She could see the whole plan and not just the next step.

There is no ‘dilly dallying’ with Jennifer and her team. They are very efficient and got back to me with anything that I needed really quickly. Most often they were the ones to chase my partner and me down to get the information they needed. I liked that they would send me information by email so that I could go back and review what they’d said later when I couldn’t remember what they’d told me.

They gave me such peace of mind – even though it was a long shot, I knew that they were in my corner and would do everything they could for me. They were great at telling me exactly what I needed to provide to them and they made me more organized. As complicated as the process was, they made it straight forward and simplified so I wasn’t overwhelmed.

I would recommend them to people who are serious about getting results. They make sure you’re on the same page and get things done. They don’t make false promises and are very transparent through the whole process. I really valued that they gave me an honest opinion on my situation. Their previous experience with corporations and business people make them uniquely qualified to talk to our corporate lawyer as well as my business partner and explain why we had to do things a certain way. I felt very supported through the whole process.

I’m soon to be a new father and I was successful in getting my permanent residency. I’m certainly going to come back to Jennifer to help me make sure that my family can all be together here in our new home. – Tuan