Minister Fraser comments on our current processing time in immigration system.

First of all, the fact we got so many applications is good because that tells us the interest from the people in the world to come to Canada- #1 destination for 2020 and 2021. However, we face challenging time to manage many applications within our current system. Two major ways his department are working to improve the processing time:

  1. Resources- 500 new stuff hired in 2021 and new onetary investment from recent budgets are helping. And the record shows. In 2020, 88,000 work permit were processed, but in 2021, 216,000 work permit were processed. In 2021, 173,000 people became permanent residents, compared to 101,000 in 2020. They will continue working to improve their timing.
  1. Technology – major policy is the level plan – Minster Fraser states that “we need increase people in community and we can’t limit by processing capacity.” He mentions some new updates, like tracking system for real time processing, virtual citizenship ceremony, over 17 line of immigration busiensses to conduct online digital platforms and so on.

He appears to be confident in his department to reduce the current delay in processing g time through the above major strategies and we look forward for the faster and more effective processing time.