Minister Fraser comments how much our I.migration system was relied upon paper-based strategy, which must be converted to digital-based platform as soon as possible, especially during COVID years.

This digital transformation is in the process – from now 2022 to 2026 to complete by each phases. For example, GCMS has been more modernized. Access to the immigration system can be through various mobiles platforms.

He noted that the immigration call centre roughly received 5.9 million calls in 2020, then 10.9 million in 2021 – for this year so far (June, 2022), over 15 million. This is not sustainable. In addition, 80% calls to Federal MP office is about status update in immigration files by constituents. Again, this is not sustainable- waste of our human resources.

Minister Fraser acknowledges and points out that people who use our immigration system need to have clear access to their own application on a real time to get their status update with accuracy and clarity. People need to have predictability and certainty to plan their life with their goal to reach Canada.

We look forward to experience new digital transformation in our immigration system.