Update to Express Entry System

Update to Express Entry SystemOn November 10th, 2016, Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada has announced amendments to the Express Entry System, effective as of November 19th, 2016.

Among a number of changes, the following items are significant:

  1. All language tests are valid up to 2 years. Anything after 2 years, no point will be granted or even the profile will be ceased be active;
  2. All educational assessments are valid up to 5 years. Anything after 5 years, no point will be granted;
  3. Invitation to apply (ITA) will be valid for 90 days, instead of 60 days;
  4. 600 points can be earned three different ways, instead of two ways:
    1. Provincial nominee certificate – maximum of 600 points;
    2. A qualifying offer of arrangement employment – either of 200 points or 50 points OR
    3. Canadian educational credential – up to 30 points.
  5. “Qualifying offer of arrangement employment” is one of three options:
    1. Job offer made under approved Labour Market Impact Assessment;
    2. Job Offer made for a valid work permit issued with approved Labour Market Impact Assessment; OR
    3. Job Offer made for a valid work permit issued under international agreements or under Canadian interests, with (i) specific employer named on work permit; (ii) currently working for such employer; (iii) has worked continuously for one year already.
  6. In order to be qualified under Canadian work experience, you must be remunerated by the payment of wages or commission

If you are seeking for permanent resident status in Canada vis Express Entry system, we highly recommend you to update your assessment to see if you have a better chance of being successful in receiving your permanent status after November 19th, 2016.

Please note that each individual has different qualifications and this information is only for general information. Each situation may differ.