...Very Sincere and Hopeful...I was born and raised in the UK and never thought I would find love in Canada, but the internet is a wonderful thing.  I flew to Canada for our first date and then Barb came to England a month later.  Basically, since then we’ve split our time between our two countries.  Once we decided to marry, we began to pursue my permanent residency, but had a bad experience with a previous lawyer who did not provide us appropriate assistance or guidance to get our application filed.  After so much frustration, we decided to look for another lawyer to help us.

We looked online and liked what we read on Jennifer’s website.  Most everyone working in the office has been through the immigration process personally and we liked that they would really be able to understand our situation.  Barb emailed the office and we liked that they replied right away, ready to help.

When we went for a consultation, we were pleasantly surprised at how different an experience it was than with the first lawyer.   Jennifer was very sincere and hopeful about the prospect for success in our file.  She was upfront about the cost, laid out the process and payments clearly and we both liked how she dealt with us.  We both had the feeling that this time the work would get done.  Everything about our first meeting said yes – she’s the one; and we’ve never been disappointed with that decision.

We have a saying in the UK “It does what it says on the tin”; which means something works as advertised.  That’s how I’d describe Jennifer’s team.  They do what they say.  They answered our questions and their honesty gave us a lot of peace of mind.

Did they provide value for us? Absolutely!  I received my permanent residency in February 2018.  They gave us confidence and peace of mind.  Instead of the 18 months we thought this would take when we started, we received my landing paperwork 7 months after filing!  Before hiring Jennifer, this process and my status in Canada were constantly on our minds.  It overwhelmed us at times; and so we avoided dealing with it.  We didn’t know where to start and they made it easy.

Now I’m able to live my life with my wife here in Canada, enjoy our garden and time with family and friends.  The peace of mind that Jennifer and her team gave us allowed us to focus on finally living.


— Eddie & Barb