"We Are Thrilled To Now Be Able To See Canada Outside Of Our Window"It’s been a long road to get my family to where we are now. I was very happy to be married to my wife almost four years ago, and knew that I wanted to bring her to Canada to live with me as I knew she was the one and I needed her by my side. We were frustrated and lost after the spousal application we had filed was refused and decided to seek professional help.

I found Jennifer’s office online after searching for Canadian immigration lawyers, and read the reviews and testimonials on her website and on google. The general consensus we got from reading the reviews is that her office is expensive, but great. We decided to work with her office as it wasn’t the expenses we were concerned with – we were interested more so in the results.

Although there were times where we felt like the collection of documents would never end and felt overwhelmed by the volume of information and documentation requested of us, we generally felt supported by Jennifer’s office and knew they were doing their best work. We knew they were on top of our case the entire time and we knew our case was being managed professionally. They were quick to answer our questions and made sure we were taken care of and it paid off – we are thrilled to now be able to see Canada outside of our window rather than something that seemed like a distant future.

We are very satisfied with the work Jennifer and her team did. We received the results we were looking for and although her services are expensive, we got everything we expected when working with them.

Jennifer was particularly helpful during the ever-changing travel scene during COVID-19. Jennifer kept my family and I up to date with all the newest information, and made sure we were prepared to arrive in Canada during the COVID-19 lockdown. Thanks to her, our travels went smoothly, and my family is finally able to be all together in Canada.

Thank you so much to Jennifer and her team for assisting us with our application and for being by our side every step of the way!

Phil, Fen & Kathy