We got the best lawyer ever!I met my Ukrainian husband while we were both working at a theme park in Japan. While I had been travelling and working overseas on various entertainment contracts (cruise ships, theme parks etc), I knew that when it came time to have children, I wanted to return to be near my family. I’m glad that Denys was up for a new adventure with me here in Canada.

As we were both overseas, we really appreciated being able to speak with Jennifer and her team by Skype. We did look at another law firm who offered free consultations – Jennifer does not. We realized that we respected her for realizing that the information she gave in that consultation was very valuable and worth purchasing. We decided that you get what you pay for and we got the best lawyer ever! We did an internet search and we really liked the profile that Jennifer had on her website. We liked that she was an immigrant to Canada and we thought she would understand us and our situation. She was really down to earth and didn’t overwhelm us with big words. She was honest when she told us it would be two years at that time before our application would be processed and we both appreciated that she didn’t give us false hope. We liked that we felt that the office would be with us no matter what the future held for our case. At this point I have to point out that our file was approved in 5 weeks!!!

The office is very personable and understood how to communicate with us. We appreciated the informal, yet professional way they dealt with us and the incredibly thorough meeting where we told them our love story. We really didn’t have a lot of questions because they were so clear when they talked to us. We always felt that there was an option, a work around if we came up against an obstacle.

The most valuable thing that Jennifer and her team provided was that we knew from the beginning that our lawyers would put everything into our application so that there was no room for questions later on.

While we appreciated their focus on immigration, now that Denys is here with me in Canada, we wished that we could come to her for other things to get our lives settled here in Canada. In my husband’s words, what they do there is honest, thorough and I can’t thank them enough. We will never recommend anyone else.

Thank you, Jennifer and team. – Sarah and Denys