LoveI became a widower two years ago, and on a trip to Scotland I met up with a lifelong friend of my late wife`s who was widowed over three years ago. This meeting developed into a relationship and we were married last year and we needed help for my wife to immigrate to Canada.

We googled “immigration lawyers” on the internet and found that Jennifer was relatively close by and had excellent reviews, so we decided to come in for a consultation. We were a bit overwhelmed by the consultation process because Jennifer gave us so much information and we could not believe how much there was to know. Despite feeling overwhelmed, we could tell Jennifer knew what she was talking about and it was impressive how much information she was able to provide us with in the short amount of time.

We had a very pleasant experience with Jennifer and her team. They were always very personable and we felt comfortable that they would treat our case with care and privacy. They were always prompt and efficient in answering our questions, and making sure we were informed of any updates. The process went very smoothly for us and we are happy with the way things turned out.

When Jennifer first laid out the fees for us, we were a bit shocked by the amount, because at the time it seemed like a lot of money. However, after having been through the process with her, the amount of money we spent makes complete sense, after seeing how much time and work went in to our application.

We would recommend Jennifer’s office to others looking for immigration advice. She and her staff are personable, and are willing to help whenever possible.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all their hard work!

Margaret and Jim