We were never just a customerI met my husband while I was working in Peru for a German travel company. We fell in love and got married. We honeymooned in Europe and determined that our future was going to be back in Germany, where I had been living for years. A few months after we got married, Manolo had a serious stroke – very rare for his age. Nursing him to health again was not what I expected for our first year of marriage but it only bonded us stronger together. Once he
was able to travel, we lived in Germany for several years together while I worked and Manolo recovered his health and adjusted to a very different culture. Eventually we knew the time had come to return to my home country of Canada.

We knew that we couldn’t do this process on our own, as we’d had a few visitor visa refusals in the past. I found Jennifer while I was on a visit to Canada and my lawyer recommended her to me. We got an appointment via Skype quickly once I was back in Germany. We decided to hire Jennifer because I had a high stress job and a nervous husband. I wanted to get rid of paperwork and stress. We were moving back to the Kitchener area and so we wanted to stay local with our law firm.

Neither Manolo nor I had a clue of the process to come to Canada. I was born here and so didn’t ever know the rules of immigration. We chose Jennifer because everyone there is friendly and efficient. We both liked that Jennifer is an immigrant herself and most of the office has English as their second language. Whenever you want to understand a system, I’ve learned to ask the foreigner, not the native. They know how to navigate the system.

I could have done this on my own but the nerves, time, etc didn’t make it a good choice. We knew we had to get this time right and so we trusted our lawyer. With Jennifer and her team we got personal service. They knew our file and we were never just a customer. They know how to be straight with you and how to find the answers to any question you have. Everyone we worked with was great.

When I got a call from the office asking if Manolo could be here in less than two weeks, we said ‘of course he can’ – well maybe not in exactly those words. They really worked with both my husband in Peru and me here in Canada to make everything as smooth as possible with a tight deadline from the Embassy in Peru. They were very helpful in making sure we knew what we needed to do and my husband arrived and is now a permanent resident here.

We want to say a big “Thank You” to Jennifer and her team for helping us to be able to start our life together here in Canada. – Lynn and Manolo