Family law immigration lawThis week, Jennifer spoke at the Cambridge Shade’s Mill Law Association (Cambridge law association) over lunch. Her topic was “what every family lawyer should know about immigration law”.

In Faith today (magazine), a survey states that 62% of Canadians find lawyers trustworthy, compared to 33% for politicians or 63% for religious leaders.

Jennifer spoke about the integrity of the profession and how to keep our clients’ trust in us by being competent lawyers with integrity. A part of being a competent lawyer is to know your limit and to know when to seek speciality lawyers to protect & carry your professional work.

This seminar was geared specifically for family lawyers (What every family lawyer should know about immigration law). Jennifer provided 10 things family lawyers should be aware – with relevant caselaw to support in their family law practice. Excerpts here:


Family law is mixed provincial/federal jurisdiction, while immigration law is federal jurisdiction.

Family law draws on principles of contract law and civil litigation, while immigration law is essentially administrative law.

What is a “family” in 2016? Compared to the 1950’s, “family” in 2016 is defined very differently because of factors like: common-law couples, skip-generation families (grandparents & grandkids family), same-sex parents, blended families, or children born through in vitro procedures overseas. In other words, each individual family member may have a different immigration status. In fact, by 2031, almost 30% of the Canadian population will be foreign-born.

Here are some comments from attendees after the seminar:

“Thank you for your very insightful (and thoroughly entertaining!) presentation today. It’s always a pleasure to hear you speak, particularly in regards to your topic today when family law matters intersect with immigration law.”- DC (Family lawyer in Cambridge)

“Thanks so much for speaking today – I know for a fact that several members enjoyed it and found it entertaining as well.” -SP (Lawyer in Cambridge)

“I was there and happy to have been so this day, Jennifer. Thanks for the interesting presentation.” -RT (Lawyer in KW)

“I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to speak to the group today. It was very informative and I’ve given the one handout to my assistant so that she can refer directly to you when/if clients raise any of the immigration issues when they call in.” -KT (Family lawyer in Cambridge)

“Thank-you again. … And thanks for our talk afterwards.” -PK (Criminal lawyer in Cambridge)

“Enjoyed your talk & like your style!” -DT (Lawyer in Cambridge)

I am grateful that I was able to assist my fellow lawyers in Cambridge.

I have another similar seminar scheduled for Feb 18, 2016 at the Waterloo Regional Law Association for Kitchener/Waterloo lawyers.