“I would like to go to school in Canada, but which province?”

Which Province To Pick For Graduate ProgramsMany provinces have different international student options. I personally like Ontario’s Master Graduate program because it did not require any work experience. However, Atlantic provincial pilot project has an excellent international graduate program, if you have not made a decision as to which province you wish to go to school, as follows:

Atlantic International Graduate program (AIGP)

The applicant must demonstrate that they meet the following minimum education requirements:

  • obtained a degree, diploma, certificate or trade or apprenticeship credential following completion of a post-secondary education program of at least 2 years from a recognized publicly-funded institution in one of the four Atlantic provinces (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador),
  • were enrolled as a full-time student in Canada for a minimum of two years,
  • lived in either New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or Prince Edward Island for at least 16 months within the 24-month period before their credential was granted, and
  • had valid or legal temporary resident status throughout their stay in Canada and had authorization for any work, study or training they engaged in while in Canada.

Eligible educational credentials

Only certain educational credentials are eligible for the AIGP. An educational credential is not eligible if the credentials were obtained in a study or training program where:

  • the study of English or French as a second language was at least half of the program;
  • distance learning was at least half of the program; or
  • where a scholarship or fellowship stipulated that the recipient return to their home country to apply the knowledge and skills gained.

No work experience is required!

This program does not require you to go university, but you may attend the college degree of two years, which allow you to obtain 3 years work permit after your graduation (post-graduate work permit).

The downside of this program is you need to file your application within 12 months from the date of graduation – currently, qualified candidates are those who graduated April,2016 or after. Those who graduated before March 2016 are not qualified.

The Atlantic pilot project does have a good work stream program, including NOC C classification, unlike other provinces requiring NOC 0, A or B (such as Ontario).  Additionally, Labour Market Impact Assessment is not required. However, the job offer must be from a designated employer – limited employers may offer eligible job offer. IRCC would announce who can be a designated employer in mid-March, 2017.

Stay tuned for more information. – Jennifer

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