Apply OnlineWhat you need before you apply

To apply online you will need to upload copies of:

If the name indicated on your primary or secondary document is different than the name you are currently using, you must also provide supporting documents.

If you are applying for someone else, you may need to provide additional documents.

Refer to the list of documents below to determine the proof-of-identity and secondary documents as well as proof of address you are required to submit.

Note: Failure to provide required documentation will result in your application not being accepted.

Apply online

Additional information about the online form

Note: In the online form, items with a star (*) are mandatory

The information on the application form should match your primary document with the exception of you gender. For gender you have the option to have your gender marked as “X” or not to declare your gender. Service Canada will add a note to your record indicating your choice. However, until our computer systems are upgraded to register this information, “male” or “female” will still appear on your SIN record.

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Where to find your SIN

If you don’t remember your SIN, there may be ways you can find it yourself. You can find your SIN in the following places:

  • on your income tax return
  • on your tax slips (T4s, T5)
  • on your record of employment
  • RRSP contribution, or
  • you can request your SIN from your employer

Applying for a SIN

We are still accepting SIN applications but will no longer be accepting them at our in person Service Canada Centers. We recommend that those applying carefully review the following instructions.

Non urgent applications

We request that you refrain from applying for a SIN at this time. We will update this page once more information becomes available.

Urgent applications

If your request is urgent, you have the option to apply online or by mail.

Apply online

Please consult the online application guide to ensure you have all the required documents ready before you apply.