When Jennifer changed her practice in 2013 to focus exclusively on immigration, she also made a decision that would have a global impact.  We knew that our clients were coming from all over the world and we wanted to take a tithe of our gross income and give back to those in need; both in our local community and around the world.  In 2013 we were able to partner with World Vision to support Addis in Ethiopia.  That year she was able to go to school and continue her education as well as receive food and medical care.

With the support of our clients in 2014, we were able to provide her with a pair of goats to help her family and she proudly is showing them off with her new dress.  In 2015, we continued our commitment to Addis and her family.  With those resources, Addis and her family were able to purchase a cow to improve her family’s livelihood.  Seeing her huge smile with her calf is all the thanks we will ever need.

We greatly appreciate the support of our clients so that we can give back to those around the world.

Thank you.

Jennifer Roggemann Law Office Sponsor