Difficult Situation Made Easy

I came to a presentation that Jennifer made at Conestoga College and found her to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  My husband and I decided that we would go to her for a personal consultation and we were pleasantly surprised that she took extra time to answer our questions.  We knew that our file was not straightforward.

We are glad that we decided to hire Jennifer as our lawyer to represent us with Immigration Canada.  Jennifer and her team were very helpful and explained what they needed clearly.  Having a plan to collect information and documents that we needed was great and they always responded to our questions within 24 hours.  As painful as the process was to gather documents at the beginning, it was nice to be able to pass off things to the team and leave it with them.  It was great to have someone to direct our questions too, rather than have to do all the research ourselves.

We had peace of mind after we filed our application because we knew it was so thorough that there was no question left unanswered.   They passed information along to us as they received it from Immigration Canada as we went along, and we always felt like we were in the loop with our file.  Our application was successful and we got my permanent residency earlier than we were expecting.

Thank you Jennifer  – Czeryll and Brett