I was nervous when I came to Jennifer’s office. My husband and I had submitted our PR application for me and my work permit was expiring. I had no idea what to do and I knew that we needed to add more to our file but didn’t have any idea how to do so. Jennifer was very helpful in identifying what areas we needed to ‘beef up’ and gave us a very detailed list as to what we needed.

I choose Jennifer because of her google reviews (I guess it’s my turn now to give one!). They are not a huge firm and I liked the individual attention our file received. I felt like they knew me personally and every time I came into the office, I was always greeted by name and with genuine pleasure.

I liked their personal, hands on approach. They are a family–oriented firm and I felt a part of the organization. The staff could understand what we were going through from personal experience and that made a big difference to us.

I really felt I received value from Jennifer and her team. I don’t think I would have been successful if they hadn’t supplemented our file. Giving us information about the process helped to calm our nerves and make the system seem more manageable.

I appreciate that feedback I gave them about various parts of the process has been incorporated into improving their service for other clients and that makes me feel quite good about recommending them to friends and family who are looking for immigration assistance.

I became a permanent resident and now I’m enjoying my life to the fullest here in Canada with my husband. Thank you Jennifer and your team. -Nikki and Alex

Thank you Nikki and Alex for your thoughtful endorsement!