Excerpted from the Government of Canada website (December 1st, 2017):

Announcement: Pilot Project to Confirm Selected In-Canada PRs by TelephoneIn an effort to provide better client service, [Immigration, Refugees, & Citizenship Canada] is testing a new method to confirm permanent residence (PR) by telephone.

Once a PR application has been approved, selected clients, who are already in Canada, will be sent an email from an address ending in “@cic.gc.ca” or a message through their IRCC online accounts inviting them to be confirmed as a permanent resident by telephone…The benefit of this pilot project is that clients who are already in Canada do not have to travel to an IRCC office or leave and re-enter Canada in order to be confirmed as a PR, potentially saving clients both time and money.

Clients cannot request to be included in this pilot project, however, depending on the success of the pilot project, IRCC will determine if this should become part of the normal process for all clients…”

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