The Express Entry System just got revised as of Nov. 19, 2016 (see my blog on Update To Express Entry System for details)

What’s new? 

Another Change In Express Entry SystemImmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, IRCC, is looking into giving additional points for candidates with siblings in Canada.  Additional points are planned for those who have French speaking capability.  In addition, IRCC is looking into Labor Market Impact Assessment, LMIA, for permanent resident purposes to see that such assessments were sincere in order to get additional points. That may be connected with the compliance regime under temporary work permit program.

With all these, IRCC also commented that their old legacy files prior to Jan 2015 are almost done and they will start “digging deeply” into inviting more permanent residents under express entry system. With the 2017 immigration level is targeting for 300,000, all these factors indicate for more invitations with lower comprehensive ranking score in early 2017.  So if you think immigration is “stable” , think again!  Stay tuned for the next phase in the express entry. – Jennifer Roggemann

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