Many of our clients have come to know and love Lama, who has been a special member of our team for almost 5 years now. As of August 22nd, 2018, though, Lama has left our office to pursue her dream of becoming a software engineer! We are, of course, extremely proud of her and her accomplishments, but sad for her departure. Please read on for a special farewell message from Lama:

Lama“I worked for Jennifer Roggemann Law office (“JRLaw”) for a little under five (5) years. I moved to Canada in March of 2013; I found hard to find the job that I wanted. With my previous work experience at Immigration Canada overseas, I started to contact immigration lawyers all over Canada, but did not hear from any of them. JRLaw gave me that chance to prove that an immigrant, like me, can get the work done, just like any one who was born in Canada.

I started to work in March of 2014 – after one full year searching. During my stay, I learned a lot and developed as a professional and as a person. At JRLaw, you learn, your opinion is heard and valued; you get honest feedback and you will never be abandon. Jennifer and her team are very generous in so many ways. The office was my first school in Canada; not only that I learned work, but also I learned about my new county, culture, and a lot about myself. Most importantly, I made friends that I can proudly call the first family I have in Canada. Everyone in JRLaw was very supportive on a personal and professional level. You are given the trust and encouragement you need to be creative, build your confidence, and learn how to choose where you belong. By their help and support, I was able to find the path that I think is best for me.

Now, I physically left JRLaw to go back to school to pursue my dream of becoming a software engineering! But the office values that I learned and practically applied at JRLaw will never leave my heart (Trust, Family, Honesty, Loyalty, Wisdom and Faith). If any of these words touch your heart and if want a place to fit in, work, learn and make friends, then JRLaw is the place for you! Thank you for everything!”

— Lama