"Friendly, Fast, Smart, and Helpful" - Hannah & MartinA Canadian-American couple, we have been married for a long time and had been living in the United States. We’re both college professors, and have struggled for years with balancing our two careers. When Martin got a job offer “back home” in Canada, we decided it was time to start a new chapter and made arrangements to begin immigrating. We had previously gone through the long, messy process of immigration to the US for Martin’s green card and ended up having to hire a lawyer after trying to do it on our own.  This time we wanted things done smoothly and so we started looking online for help.

We googled immigration lawyers in the area and saw that Jennifer’s office was all women. Intrigued, we read everything on her website and made arrangements for a consultation when we were visiting.  The date of that first consultation actually coincided with our 20th wedding anniversary – what’s more romantic than a visit to a lawyer’s office!

The price tag was sobering but since we wanted this done right, we decided to go ahead.  We sensed they knew what they were doing, were organized and efficient, and we liked that they didn’t talk down to us.   Jennifer talks fast (!) and processes information quickly, and we appreciated that she was very thorough and open and gave us all the information we needed to make an informed decision.

We decided to hire Jennifer and her team and we have never regretted that decision.  Every interaction with the office (whether in person, phone or email) was professional and friendly. They were continually helpful and although we were sharing a lot of personal information, we trusted them.

The most valuable thing they gave us was peace of mind.  They are very efficient and we didn’t have to worry about the details. They had told us how long they expected the process to take, which helped give me a timeline of when I would be able to look for new job opportunities here in Canada, and we are thrilled that it turned out to be even faster than what they had told us. They were able to offer helpful suggestions for how to get all the needed materials along the way, including the medical exam, finger-printing, background checks, etc.

We recommend that you at least go and have a consultation with Jennifer to find out all your options.  They are friendly, fast, smart and helpful.  Now I’m a permanent resident here and Martin and I are enjoying settling into our new community.

Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us start this new chapter in our lives!

— Hannah & Martin