Global Skill Strategy In ProgressImmigration, refugee, citizen Canada announced their strategy for attracting and retaining global talents to Canada in early November 2016. Although some of the initiatives are still working progress, there are a number of interesting programs that may come into implementation in coming year:

1. Faster processing for lower risk and highly skilled workers –  2 weeks processing;

2. Two new work permit exemption classes –  for very short duration of work (less than 30 days) and short work in low-risks field such as academic research;

3. Creation of a dedicated channel to attract investment, transfer of skills and job creation for high growth companies; and/or

4. Creation of “labour market benefit” plan where no recruitment is required for those occupations on the “demand list” ( to be determined in future).

All of these initiatives are new and highly innovative, but we need to wait and see when these will be implemented with more details soon. Stay tuned – Jennifer Roggemann

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