I met my wife when we were both at the same resort in Mexico. I followed her home to Canada back when Mexicans did not need a visa to come to Canada. I didn’t want to leave my spouse and even when I overstayed my permit, I couldn’t return to Mexico alone. We knew we needed help and loved the fact that we could speak Spanish with Cecilia during our consultation with Jennifer’s office. Her background and understanding and not judging of our situation went a long way to reduce the fear and anxiety that both of us lived with on a daily basis.

After leaving their office, we felt a sense of relief that although our situation hadn’t changed, we were no longer alone. We knew we had a difficult case and wanted to make sure we had the best advice possible. If I had to describe the office, I would reduce it down to people helping people.

The peace of mind that Jennifer and her team provide is invaluable. Every time we were contacted by the office, or came in for an appointment, we were greeted by name and, coming from someone in the service industry, their level of service was always amazing – which was something I didn’t expect from a law firm.

They worked with us to be as efficient and as cost saving as possible and were very human when dealing with finances. When asked by someone if they know a good lawyer, I tell them that ‘my lawyer is the best’. They gave us a plan to follow and gave us hope. They guarded our privacy and I knew we could trust them with the difficult parts of our story.

I am now a permanent resident here in Canada and I’m looking forward to having my family come to visit me and my wife in our home. Our application went faster than we expected and I have only good things to say about Jennifer and her team. We knew we didn’t have the knowledge or resources to do this on our own and now I don’t recommend that anyone try to do it without seeking help.

They really do save people’s lives. We wanted to raise our family in Canada and now we have a chance to do just that.

Muchas gracias to all of you. -Sal and Sam


Thanks Sal and Sam for your comments. We are pleased to be able to assist.