The Ontario Bridge Training program helps the settlement of new immigrants and is intended to attract more immigrants.

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New Agreement Supporting More Newcomers to Get Licensed, Find Jobs

November 22, 2013 — The Governments of Ontario and Canada are expanding the Ontario Bridge Training Program, helping thousands of skilled immigrants get licensed and find jobs in their fields.

To date, the Ontario Bridge Training Program has supported 50,000 highly-skilled immigrants by providing vital services, such as education and skills assessments, clinical or workplace experience, occupation-related language training and exam preparation for professional licensing. Foreign-trained nurses, engineers, accountants, bankers, optometrists and IT specialists are among those getting the support, licensing and certification needed to connect them with jobs in their profession or trade.


  • More newcomers immigrate to Ontario than any other province — nearly 40 per cent of Canada’s immigrants land in Ontario.
  • Ontario will contribute $63.6 million and Canada will invest $16.6 million over three years to the Ontario Bridge Training Program.
  • The federal contribution to the Ontario Bridge Training Program supports Canada’s Economic Action Plan.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has invested more than $240 million in the Bridge Training Program.

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