gPlus-Review-300x145“I would definitely recommend JR Law to anyone that seeks advice/services regarding Immigration issues. Jennifer and Cecilia are extremely assertive, honest, competent, organized, knowledgeable, very professional – and very, very human. Dealing with Immigration issues can be stressful and nerve wrecking to anyone, but Jennifer, Cecilia and Heather were very supportive and helped me a lot throughout my process. I honestly don’t think I would have made it without their help and support.

Jennifer, Cecilia and Heather are amazing professionals, and incredible human beings. I was able to move on, rebuild and transform my life – thanks to their help, dedication, support and hard work. I can’t express all my gratitude towards Jennifer and her staff…I just feel very fortunate to have met them. Thank you, Jennifer, Cecilia and Heather”- M. Murata