Hope For The First Time In A Long TimeI traveled to Thailand a lot for holidays and on one of my trips found the love of my life. There were many complications to our situation and we even broke up for a while because we didn’t see a way that we could be together. Then I did some research while I was home here in Canada and I came across Jennifer’s website. I saw that Jennifer was Asian and an immigrant and so I thought maybe she might have some sympathy for our situation. We are not a mainstream couple and so wasn’t sure if she would be ok with us as clients. I decided to go for a consultation and was pleasantly surprised.

The office is welcoming and cozy and not intimidating like you expect many lawyers’ offices to be. Jennifer was kind and gracious and did not pass any judgment on us but was very professional and gave us options. I had hope for the first time in a long time that this might eventually work. 

Atom and I decided to hire Jennifer and her team to help us. They were very good to repeat instructions to make sure that we understood what we needed to provide and didn’t pressure us to move faster than we wanted to go. Looking back, I would have pushed myself faster earlier in the process but that has nothing to do with the office. They were very honest in answering my questions and weren’t afraid to say that they didn’t know – but that they would find out for me. They never seemed to need to save face and show that they had all the answers.

I liked that they included Atom via skype so that she was always aware of what was going on. They answered our questions honestly and when I got a call saying that our application had been approved in six months and we could be together in Canada in January of 2017, neither of us believed it at first.

Atom and I are very grateful for everything that the office has done for us. In Atom’s words “I would not be with Scott in January if I didn’t have you”. Thank you again for all your help.

– Scott & Atom