I need protection, but not sure where to go.

Fleeing from persecution in your home country?  Victim of human trafficking?  There are resources available for you.  While our office doesn’t work in the refugee system, we can provide some referrals to other law firms that do.  Give our office a call today.

If you are in an abusive relationship and your partner is threatening you with immigration consequences, get to a safe place and give us a call.  You do not have to stay in an unsafe place because of any immigration status.  If your employer is forcing you to work in an unsafe work environment or withholding money or benefits due to your immigration status, give us a call from a safe place.

Other resources in the KW region:
If needing police or ambulance: call 911

Hospitals:  https://www.regionofwaterloo.ca/en/living-here/hospitals.aspx?_mid_=25285

Police:  https://www.wrps.on.ca/en/about-us/contact-us.aspx

Sexual Assault Support Centre:  24 hour support line: 519-741-8633   http://www.sascwr.org/

St. Mary’s Hospital Sexual and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre https://www.smgh.ca/patient-care-programs/community-based-programs/waterloo-region-sexual-assault-and-domestic-violence-treatment-centre/

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