I Never Felt AloneIn 2014, back when I was in University, I was looking for some advice about a study permit. I googled Immigration Lawyers in the area and Jennifer was the first name that came up. I sent her an email question and went for a consultation. She gave me enough information at that meeting that I left knowing how to solve my immediate concern. I was impressed that she didn’t try to make me hire her before I got any useful information. She even gave me options to set me up well to become a permanent resident through the new Express Entry system. I knew that when it was time for me to think about permanent residency I would be back for another consultation.

I came back a couple of years later and I realized that this was something that I wanted some help to do the right way. I had moved to Hamilton by this time and so I had checked out a couple of local firms but didn’t get a good vibe from them. I came back to Jennifer – and it was the right decision.

This time I decided to retain them to help me with the Express Entry and Canadian Experience Class PR application. Every interaction with the team at Jennifer’s office was professional, timely and comprehensive. They are personable and really care about me as a person. I always felt comfortable coming into the office. I work in a field that doesn’t usually blend well with a stereotypical law office but Jennifer’s office puts more value into serving clients than on fancy surroundings. Last Christmas I was a freaking out about being able to go home to the US for Christmas and Jennifer emailed me back over her Christmas holidays and she literally saved Christmas for me.

They answered my questions very clearly and even when they had to repeat an answer that I had forgotten the answer to, there was never a feeling of ‘I already told you this information’. They were very patient and the thing I found most valuable about their service was that I never felt alone. This wasn’t a stressful process for me because I knew I could trust them and leave it with them. I appreciated that they worked with me being out of town and we only had to meet in person when absolutely necessary – we could talk on the phone or via skype or email and that was really helpful.

When I recommend people come to Jennifer I tell them that Jennifer and her team are professional people who do a great job to bring people to Canada. This is an important service and people need to give it the weight it deserves. Immigration Canada is not very user-friendly and I don’t have time to keep up with the changes – that’s not my job, it’s theirs and they do it well.

Jennifer and her team made this as streamlined and stress-less as possible. I never lost confidence in the office and I wasn’t worried even if something did go wrong, I knew that they would fight for me. Thank you that now I am a permanent resident here in Canada and able to enjoy living my life.

— Schuyler