I'm Still Here in Canada Solely Because of Jennifer...I was first introduced to Jennifer when she did an immigration seminar at my college when I was a first year nursing student.  I’m so glad that I kept her card from that night back in 2013.  However, I wish I made use of it earlier than I did.

When I was planning for my permanent residence application, I decided to get some help from a community organization and that didn’t go well.  I tried to do things on my own, put up my profile online and didn’t get it right.  I was thinking that the only option was for me to head back to my home country.  I had a friend who really counselled me well that before I packed my things and left, I should go and see a lawyer who knows this industry.

I remembered Jennifer’s presentation and she had left an impression on me that she tells the truth and is very straightforward.  I decided she was my last chance.  If she said it can’t be done, then I will know for sure.

I rummaged in a box until I found her card and gave the office a call just before Christmas in 2016.   She fit me in for a consultation right away and I told her everything that I had done.  She gave me a lot of options and some things to think about. Then in the spring of 2017 her office called me and told me that the rules had changed and that there were new options available to me.   I was so surprised that she remembered me and my situation and thought of me when things changed that would benefit me.

I retained them to help me with a new Express Entry profile and, with her suggestions of including my French language abilities; I was given an invitation to apply for permanent residence.  When someone asks me what I value about their service, I tell them that they gave me a golden opportunity to better my future. They gave me the chance to make a new direction for my future in Canada.  I can now go back to school as a resident, not an international student.  They have given me the opportunity to have more control over my future and make my own decisions for a career path.

I’m still here in Canada solely because of Jennifer and her team.  The service I received was amazing.  They are approachable and give you real, honest information. If they can help you, they will tell you – you just need to let them.

I’m now a permanent resident here and it’s such a relief to have a future here.  When I look back at my time in my home country, I see myself as a child.  Canada was where I was able to learn to be independent and develop my character as an adult.  I look forward to my family visiting me here – and to me visiting them, but  Canada is now my home.  Thank you, Jennifer, for making that dream a reality.

— Keelayswaree