Do the WorryingI’m a snowbird who spends his winter in Florida.  I found a lovely lady who wanted to fly north with me for the summers and we fell in love and got married.  With us being back and forth between our home in Florida and Joan’s home in Vermont as well as my place in Ontario, it made sense for us to seek professional help to make sure the process of getting Joan her permanent residency in Canada went smoothly.

We were recommended by another immigration lawyer who does corporate work to go and see Jennifer and boy are we glad that we did! From the first time we came to the office everyone has been very friendly and professional.  They treat us like family – maybe even their grandparents!  Whenever we called on the phone, they got back to us quickly and took the time to explain things to us until we understood – even if it meant repeating themselves. Did Jennifer and her team provide value for us?  Definitely.  Joan got her residency in a timely manner (under a year!) and whenever we had trouble, we knew that we had someone to call who would help us out.  From the first time we met Jennifer and she saw how upset and nervous Joan was about this whole process she said “I’m the lawyer, I do the worrying for you” and that allowed us to leave things in her capable hands.  Jennifer always made time to speak with us – even if she didn’t really have the time.

Everyone we worked with was excellent and we would heartily recommend them.  They are easy to work with and how often do you actually like coming into your lawyer’s office? Joan got her permanent residency just before we were leaving to fly south again for the winter and we couldn’t be happier to have the process behind us.  We are now able to fully concentrate on enjoying our lives together.  Thank you Jennifer and team. Bob and Joan

Thank you Bob and Joan for your kind comments. We appreciate being able to help out others like yourselves with their immigration challenges!