Jennifer Looked at Me and Said 'We Can Do This'My husband and I were looking for an immigration lawyer to help us as we felt really stuck with regards to my situation with Immigration. I had come over to assist my former spouse’s family as a caregiver and that situation had really ended badly and left me worried about my status here in Canada. I had three children to support back home and I didn’t know where to turn. My partner, now husband, Bob was looking on Google and came across Jennifer’s website. He read all the reviews and it seemed like they really knew what they were talking about.

We knew that we needed the best person working for us because our case was complicated. When we left our consultation with Jennifer, although she speaks really quickly and gave us a lot of information, the overall impression we had was hope. Although she had given us honest options, we both felt confident that we had a plan that was going to work.

Jennifer’s team was confident but very polite and understanding of our situation. They gave us confidence just in how they carried themselves. Everything was organized yet friendly and welcoming. As Bob said, we don’t mind paying extra money for a good lawyer – and that’s what we found.

Everyone we dealt with at the office, and I think we met with everyone at some point, was excellent in how they interacted with us. Bob makes me smile when he recommends Jennifer to others. He always says ‘Michelle had a tough case but they tackled it no problem. It went just as they’d said it would‘.

I’m a permanent resident now and we’re thrilled that my boys flew in last week to join us and meet their Canadian baby brother for the first time. But the thing I remember most is back at the beginning, almost two years ago, during that first consultation with Jennifer; I was in tears and Jennifer looked at me and said ‘we can do this’.

Thank you. – Michelle & Bob