I am a European university professor who has been living in Canada for many years with my Canadian wife and son.  I first contacted Jennifer in July of 2014, after my wife and I had run into problems with our Spousal application for my permanent residency.

In our first meeting, Jennifer explained the situation and laid out the available options very clearly.  Whether or not you intend to let her handle your application, I recommend that you consult with Jennifer at least once to get her advice on your specific situation and on the most promising strategy; I’m certain you will find this worthwhile.

I myself decided to entrust Jennifer with handling my application, since my work permit was set to expire soon, and I felt that there was no more margin for error.  We submitted a Canadian Experience Class application at the end of the year, only to be told later by CIC that they had already met their quota for the year by the time of our submission, and moreover that some new rules and regulations had come into effect. This was of course quite
frustrating, but Jennifer and her staff were on the case immediately and promptly refiled the application according to the new regulations. We ended up going through the Express Entry Profile and Online CEC Application
system. Ongoing changes to the system made by CIC meant that the ground kept shifting beneath our feet.

However, Jennifer and her team stayed on top of things. Their replies to our questions, mostly via email or phone, were always prompt and helpful.  On the whole we felt well taken care of. Happily, my PR application was
recently approved. I do not think that I could have managed this alone, particularly not in the available time frame, and I’m happy with my decision to let Jennifer handle my file.

A colleague of mine, who is in a similar situation and whom I have since referred to Jennifer, has also decided to entrust her with his application. I would recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone looking for competent and
efficient help with their immigration issues. Thanks Jennifer. -Michael