Making Our Dream a RealityI met my husband when we started working at the same farm. I fell in love with a kind man from Guatemala and the rest is as they say history. Jose was here on a work permit that we couldn’t extend any longer and so we didn’t know where to turn. Our MP’s office said that there was no way we could do anything but we got a recommendation to Jennifer’s office. We met with her and were so grateful that they have Spanish speakers in the office to assist Jose in being able to speak his thoughts clearly.

Jennifer gave us a whole pile of information and was so wonderful in reassuring us that there was a way for us to stay together. She had paperwork and a plan and so we decided she was the one to help us. We’d say yes to hiring her again in a heartbeat.

Everyone that we worked with in Jennifer’s team was very friendly and invested in our case. They were always helpful and we never felt like they were looking down on us. They understood what we were asking when we had questions and were very precise and quick to respond when we needed clarification on something.

They were so valuable in helping us get all that we needed to get done in a timely manner. I couldn’t have done it on my own. They’re so organized that they even made me more organized!

When I recommend people to come and see Jennifer, I’m not sure whether I should say that my lawyer kicks a*# but she does. They’re all lovely to work with and knew exactly what they were doing. I tell people that they did an amazing job. If you’re honest, you shouldn’t have any problems with the office.

Now Jose is a permanent resident here and we’re soon to add a new little Canadian to the world. I’m so excited that they gave us the peace of mind to start our life. We’ve just bought our first house and are moving in soon. Now our child will grow up with two parents in a safe home with room to grow. Jennifer and her team are a big part of making that dream a reality. – Katrina & Jose