Latest Changes in the Selection Criteria

The most important factors in this new version of the program will be language proficiency and age (youth).

The changes to the selection criteria announced so far include:

  • Minimum official language thresholds and increased points for official language proficiency, making language the most important factor in the selection process;
  • Increased emphasis on younger immigrants who;
    • Are more likely to acquire valuable Canadian work experience,
    • Are better positioned to adapt to changing labour market conditions, and
    • Will spend a greater number of years contributing to Canada’s economy;
  • Introduction of the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), so that education points awarded reflect the foreign credential’s true value in Canada;
  • Changes to the arranged employment process, allowing employers to hire applicants quickly, if there is a demonstrated need in the Canadian labour market; and
  • Additional adaptability points for spousal language ability and Canadian work experience.

Changes in procedure

First, applicants will have to demonstrate that they meet the minimum language threshold, which is Level 7 of the Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment System.

Second, applicants will have their education credentials assessed BEFORE coming to Canada. A list of assessment organizations designated by the Minister will be made available early in the New Year.

Expectation on processing time

CIC anticipates the processing time to be less than a year.


·         The above changes will NOT apply to people who have applied to the FSWP prior to May 4, 2013 with a qualifying arranged job offer or under the Ph.D. stream.

·         The New FSWP will only accept a fixed number of applications in each year.

·         Finally, an Expression of Interest (EOI) model is being developed and implemented, which will provide employers with access to a pool of skilled workers.

This program is still being finalized by CIC and we fully expect more details in the New Year. Check back often for updates.

If you have any individual questions or concerns, please contact our office for more customized consultation for your unique situation.  Please note that this posting is for general information only and is not to be considered binding or official legal counsel since situations will vary and can be complicated. The content in this post is current as of the day of entry. Due to the changing nature of Immigration law, the information in this entry may or may not still be applicable.