My Daughter Wants to be a Lawyer Because of JenniferMy husband’s friend recommended Jennifer to us when we were in trouble with our immigration process. We had hired another consultant and applied for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. There were mistakes in our application and we wanted to have a second opinion. We looked at Jennifer’s reviews and everyone seemed to like her so we gave her a call. We asked her if she could review our case and during our consultation she found some concerns. We were close to missing a deadline and she did what was best for us – she sent us back to our first lawyer to make sure that there weren’t any technical glitches about switching representatives that would make us miss the deadline.

From that first meeting, I liked the way she talked to us. I understand her. She was honest in that she said she’d check out the possibilities. When she said to go and make sure we met a deadline first and then we can sort out the next steps if we wanted to hire her, I knew that we’d found a person to trust. It was an impossible case, but they never stopped working and praying with us. It was so meaningful in that first meeting that Jennifer said she prayed for her clients regularly. I felt such a sense of peace that this was where God wanted us to be.

They did an awesome job. They’re awesome people. They lifted such a weight from my shoulders. They emailed or phoned us whenever we had questions or they had an update. Even when we had a concern about my daughter’s health insurance, Jennifer wrote a letter explaining the situation and she was able to keep her health coverage. Every dollar was worth it. We could sleep. I could see them working for us. Even if it was a little thing like explaining something in Spanish so that I could understand, I’m grateful for the effort and investment Jennifer and her team made in my family.

My daughter now wants to be a lawyer. She said that it’s because of the work she saw Jennifer and her team do for her parents. She wants a career that lets her make other people as happy as Jennifer and her team made Rod and I.

For me, now that we’re permanent residents here, I’m free to go follow my dreams. I can go back to school; or find work in a new field – the sky is the limit. For my kids, this is their home. They can stay here and I can’t thank Jennifer and her team enough for that.

— Audrey