New Announcement From John McCallum


John McCallum announced:

  • Family Class processing times for all applicants, inside and outside Canada, will be cut from 24 to 12 months
  • one application kit
  • a simplified guide (reduced from 180 to 75 pages in simpler language)
  • one checklist (will visa office checklists will be removed?)
  • one relationship questionnaire
  • medical, criminality and security screening to be done after applying (no longer up front)

All current forms would be acceptable until January 31, 2017, although the new forms are coming out as of Dec 15, 2016. These changes are to be online on December 15, 2016.

If you have any individual questions or concerns, please contact our office for a more customized consultation for your unique situation.  Please note that this posting is for general information only and is not to be considered binding or official legal counsel since situations will vary and can be complicated. The content in this post is current as of the day of entry. Due to the changing nature of Immigration law, the information in this entry may or may not still be applicable