Our Experience Is Proof That They Know What They're DoingMy wife and I came from overseas because I was offered a job at a Canadian company. We loved it here and started a family. My employer had been handling all my immigration paperwork and had started collecting items for our permanent residency applications, then the unexpected happened and I was no longer working for the company. I was in a tough situation: I could no longer work and support my family as my work permit was tied to the company but we were desperate to ensure that we could continue our future in Canada as we had invested a huge amount both financially and emotionally in relocating.

I was overwhelmed at the sudden change in our situation so I googled local immigration lawyers, I read the reviews that had been posted and decided that Jennifer’s clients had genuinely been well taken care of. I called the office, they were empathetic to our situation and were able to see me promptly. Jennifer put me at ease, gave me comfort and confidence that we would have a future here in Canada.

We’re glad we hired them to help us out. They were very prompt if we had a question, and made a horrible situation less stressful. They were friendly and helpful – although I would have liked more check-ins as I was waiting to be able to return to work as soon as possible.

There is no way we could have done this in the time frame required, on our own. Time was a factor for us and although it cost us a fair bit of money up front, we feel it was a great investment as the process went as smoothly as it could. Experience in dealing with the immigration process was of great value to us.

We are happy to be adding our recommendation to the others I looked at before hiring Jennifer, our experience is proof that they know what they’re doing. They are not what I would perceive a stereotypical law firm to be, they’re personable and everyone we worked with was so keen to help and actually cared about or progress. We were treated like family.

Now Sarah and I are permanent residents here and can continue our life after it being practically on hold for the last seven months. Being able to move forward and work on providing for my family again is a relief that is hard to quantify.

Jennifer, thank you and your team for helping us get our lives back on track.

Brad and Sarah