Overview Of Our Current Work Permit SystemAt the end of 2015, approximately 71% of our work permits are issued without a labour market impact assessment. Out of such, 75% are within the following categories:
1. International experience Canada –  the highest number of work permit issued;
2. Post-graduate work permit – second highest work permit and more than 75% students get 3 years Work permit;
3. Work permits under NAFTA – intra company work permit for example; and
4. Spousal work permit – spouses of high skilled workers may receive work permit.
It is interesting to note that the first two categories take up 44% of the total work permits issued.
With new points scheme under express entry system effective as of Nov 19, 2016, these are important to note for how to strategize your situation to best achieve your end- goal of remaining in Canada.
As always,  plan ahead and remain flexible with our ever-changing Canadian immigration law. – Jennifer Roggemann

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