Permanent residence confirmation portal

To manage the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in most cases, the government can confirm permanent resident (PR) status

  • without in-person interviews
  • through a new, secure portal

What you can do in the portal

Through this portal

  • you can declare you’re in Canada
  • you can confirm your address
  • you can submit a recent photo we will use to make your PR card
  • we can give you access to your proof of permanent resident (PR) status
  • you can share personal information safely

You can only have 1 profile per person. Each member of your family will have their own username and password.

How the portal works

Once the government approves your application, they will

  • send you an invitation to confirm
    • if you want to use the portal
    • your email address
    • all email addresses for each person on your application
  • create an account for you (you can’t create one yourself)
  • send another email, after you confirm the above, with a link to the portal and instructions on how to sign in with your username and a temporary password

Then you can

  1. sign in for the first time and create your own password
  2. confirm you are in Canada
  3. provide an updated home or postal address
  4. upload your photo (this must be a digital or scanned photo, not a picture of a paper photo taken with a camera or phone)

Once they have reviewed and accepted the photo you submit, it will show this in the portal and you should get your PR card within one week. We’ll send it to the mailing address in Canada you gave us. You can check to see if we’ve accepted your photo through the portal.