gPlus-Review-300x145“I have been very fortunate to have met Jennifer and have employed her services over the last year to help myself and my common-law spouse with immigration issues and permanent residency status. My initial contact with her was when I was in desperate need for immediate (and I mean “immediate”) immigration advice. This is where Jennifer and her team excelled. As many people may know the immigration laws and procedures in Canada are complex and although there are websites out there with plenty of information the time and effort it takes to review everything can be daunting. When I contacted her, her response was measured and with the urgency that I needed. The sense of relief when someone, who is an expert, takes control was incredible. From that time on I have been impressed with Jennifer’s professional, respectful and thoughtful approach to helping me and my common-law spouse move closer to permanent residency status.

The most important thing is that Jennifer has succeeded in resolving all my concerns so far. That says volumes for her skills as an immigration lawyer. While still a few steps away from achieving our goal (as with all things it takes time…and then add on a few more months!) I am indebted to Jennifer and her team for their advice and help. The one off consultation I had with her over a year ago to discuss my situation was the best thing I ever did. Whatever your immigration issues are gathering knowledge and advice from an expert is worth it”- Michael 

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