Traditionally speaking about 60% to 75% of all immigrants wish to come to the province of Ontario.Ontario Provincial Nominee

So, as a result, Ontario leaders will put a lot of effort on the provincial nominee program. Recently as of 2017 coda we have 6,000 visas which is one of the largest provincial nominee program in Canada after Quebec. Now the problem is because so many people want it they go really fast. For example, they opened up an international master grad program and international PhD grad program on February 21st and they were all filled up in a matter of 48 hours. So you can imagine that somebody who’s been waiting 12-14 months for it to be gone in 48 hours. So you must be prepared in advance if you are in those programs right now. The employer-driven program is a really attractive because if you have a low English skill it is driven by the employer. They wish to have you continue working for Canadian Ontario employers; they continuously wish to employ you.

Unfortunately for 2017 it’s not open yet we anticipated this will be open beginning of the April. As I indicated how many people wish to get into to these programs means it’s going to be competitive and there is going to be new qualification as well as new procedures, so stay tuned but be ready to apply.