Public Policy Driven Permanent Resident Application For GTA Construction WorkersThe Temporary Public Policy for Out-of-Status Construction Workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) recognizes the economic contribution of long-term resident construction workers and seeks to regularize individuals who have been contributing to the Canadian economy by filling a regional labour market need. At the same time, this public policy addresses the vulnerable position of these workers due to their lack of immigration status.

This temporary public policy will facilitate access to permanent resident status for 500 construction workers in the GTA and their family members.

Public Policy Considerations

Skilled trades, particularly those in construction, will continue to be in demand over the next several years in the GTA. The construction industry is facing significant labour shortages. A stable construction workforce will help ensure that housing and infrastructure projects are delivered. Reports indicate that this workforce has been supported for many years, in part, by long-term residents who have fallen out of immigration status and are operating in the underground economy.

Providing an opportunity to become permanent residents addresses the vulnerability of this undocumented population and allows them to continue to contribute to the sector with legal status. Many undocumented construction workers may be unaware of their employment rights or are hesitant to exercise them. These workers may not benefit from workplace regulations, such as health and safety inspections.

As such,  there are public policy considerations that justify the granting of permanent residence to foreign nationals who meet the conditions (eligibility requirements).

To see the conditions and more information, read the original announcement here.